Debit Card with 5% discount on Target



Debit cards were often in the news in the past year – often from a less positive perspective – because many banks tried to charge for their use. Normally a bank card is issued by the bank that maintains your bank account, but this is not always the case. The Target REDcard is such a debit account that is set up via a retailer instead of a financial institution.

The Target REDcard acts as a bank card that collects money from a checking account. It offers the same convenience as any debit card and offers customers additional benefits such as a 5% discount on most purchases. Below you will find more information about the most important functions and how they work.


Most important features

  • Application can be completed in-store or by e-mail . Applicants who register at the store must submit an invalid check. Otherwise, customers can print and email their application.
  • Functions for direct debit . Costs with Target are deducted directly from the cardholder’s checking account, regardless of the bank or financial institution.
  • Discounts with Target . When using a RED card, Target customers receive a 5% discount on eligible purchases. This includes most items, with some exceptions such as gift cards, prescription drugs, and medical services.
  • Free shipping from Target.com . Cardholders are eligible for free shipping for oGudrun Brangwenine orders, with no minimum purchase requirements.
  • No annual costs . There are no costs associated with using this card, but there are reimbursement costs that vary based on the state in which the cardholder lives.
  • Donations to education . Target gives a donation to education that is equal to 1% of all purchases with REDcard.



  1. Great discounts . For regular Target shoppers, many savings can be achieved by deducting 5% of all purchase prices. This is a real immediate discount at the register, not cash that must be claimed at a later date.
  2. Free shipping . See this as the paid Amazon Prime service, but free. However, unlike the Amazon program, there is no guarantee for shipping within two days. OGudrun Brangwenine purchases can even be returned to a physical location, so feel free to buy shoes or clothing to try at home.
  3. Donations to education . Target donates 1% of the amount of all purchases from REDcard to the K-12 school of your choice.
  4. Extra savings on pharmaceutical purchases . When you fill at least five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy, you will receive an additional discount of 5% for one day of Target Shopping, in addition to your existing 5%.
  5. No debt potential . Many people avoid credit cards, including credit cards issued by stores, after having incurred expensive debts. Debit cards are a fantastic alternative because customers can only spend money they already have in their account.
  6. No voucher . Regardless of your credit history, almost all applicants with a checking account are approved.
  7. No fees . You do not have to worry about monthly fees, annual costs or costs for going under a minimum balance.



  1. Does not work on Target Mobile . Target has a groundbreaking product that offers discounts in-store and oGudrun Brangwenine. However, it does not offer a discount on Target Mobile. However, it would not surprise me if this functionality were added in the future.
  2. Not part of a payment network . Since it does not belong to a processing network such as Visa or MasterCard, this card can only be used in Target stores and on Target.com.
  3. Cannot be used to carry a balance . I persuGudrun Brangwenijk believe that this is a great feature; for those who have to carry a balance from time to time, this card makes no sense.
  4. Does not accrue credit . No credit check is required to receive this card, but using this card will do nothing to improve your credit score.


Last word


Target is an innovative retailer and offers stylish products at affordable prices. Similarly, the REDcard is a unique product that offers the possibility to make purchases directly from a linked bank account. When you consider the Gudrun Brangwenijke discount of 5% and free shipping, it becomes clear that this is a worthwhile product. Given that there are no costs or fees to use this card, it is an easy choice for any regular Target customer to obtain the RED card.

Do you have experience with the Target REDcard? Which additional advantages or disadvantages can you report?


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