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It remains a difficult story if you want to borrow an amount that is slightly higher than a small amount of around 300 euros, but what can you do for borrowing 1100 euros with or without BKR review. Normally the amount you can borrow with a mini loan is slightly lower and for example, for revolving credit, the amount is again on the low side. Where can you go, of course, it depends strongly on whether you want a BKR assessment to be carried out.

In fact, 99% of people who Request a payday loan direct lender online qualify with us

If you have such registration in a negative sense, then the revolving credit will already be canceled anyway, there really will be a check and in the event of a negative result will be inexorably rejected. However, if the result is positive, you will, of course, be a lot cheaper with revolving credit. There are some solutions to borrow 1100 euros with revolving credit. You can also get this amount with the payday loan direct lender from site.

As mentioned, you can still borrow a small amount with a bkr listing, but the maximum for this is currently only 800 euros. This means that you are short of 300 euros. What you can do is the following, if you live with a partner, you could consider entering into two of these mini loans, for example, 2 times 550 euros.

The advantage of this form of borrowing is that no testing is carried out and that it is also not important. Also, outstanding loans and any online purchases with installments are not included in the application. Of course, you must have sufficient income to be eligible. You must earn at least 900 euros net per month to be able to successfully apply.

Revolving credit with assessment

If you have no overdue payments, you could opt for a revolving credit with a higher value, say 5,000 euros. If your application is approved, this amount will be made available to you on a separate revolving credit account. The great thing about this is that you only pay interest on the amounts that you have transferred to your private account.

If you withdraw 1100 euros from this, you will only pay interest on that amount. I think it is certainly worthwhile because a mini-credit has somewhat higher costs and interest.

Quickly borrow 1100 euros


Whichever loan you are going to apply for, as soon as the paper shop is closed, you will quickly have access to your money. It should be noted that with a revolving credit you have to take into account about 2 working days after approval and with a small credit (mini loan) it goes a lot faster.

A quicker assessment will be made as to whether you qualify (often the same day) and upon approval, the amount requested by you will be deposited directly into your account. That can be handy when the weekend is coming and you only realize at the last minute that you need credit.